May 14, 2021

Neeta Deshpande

  • Unravelling The Fabric
    Unravelling The Fabric

    Karnataka government plans to procure cloth from powerlooms for school uniforms, thus impacting the...

  • A New Commons
    A New Commons

    People of different hues found a common cause in the fight against corruption. Despite the limitations of the...

  • The Thin Edge of the Wedge
    The Thin Edge of the Wedge

    Although, the battle is hardly over, the moratorium on Bt-Brinjal demonstrates that public opinion is vitally...

  • Reservoirs Of Indifference
    Reservoirs Of Indifference

    Our existence is so comfortably shielded from the realities of poverty, that the unbridgeable distance...

  • The Joy Within
    The Joy Within

    "You must pour your dil into your music," my guru Pandit Prabhudev Sardar was fond of saying. While firmly...

  • The Good Life
    The Good Life

    Gandhi called him 'abhay sadhak'-- a fearless seeker of truth and his mission to win a life of dignity for...

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