June 18, 2021

Neelabh Mishra

  • Old Errors Die Hard
    Old Errors Die Hard

    The lesson of burning its fingers earlier in Sri Lanka should guide India’s ties with Nepal.

  • Stoop To Concur
    Stoop To Concur

    Compromise, blandishment: the BJP’s play for Bihar

  • झुककर बिहार छीनने की कोशिश | नीलाभ मिश्र
    झुककर बिहार छीनने की कोशिश | नीलाभ मिश्र

    अपने स्वभाव के विपरीत प्रधानमंत्री...

  • Is Sweden A Province Of India?
    Is Sweden A Province Of India?

    The BJP government could have easily avoided the diplomatic faux pas by distancing the government from the...

  • Now Showing: The 3D Modi Hollowgram
    Now Showing: The 3D Modi Hollowgram

    He had the corporate backing. Now he’s claiming God on his side as well. But will He be swayed by Modi’s...

  • Independents’ Day, Is It?
    Independents’ Day, Is It?

    Once of the BJP, they are now against the BJP. And therefore their worst enemy.

  • Notes From Some  Dark Nowheres
    Notes From Some Dark Nowheres

    A traveller takes the rubbled roads of MP, gathering political whispers

  • The Punters In Orange City
    The Punters In Orange City

    The RSS knows well that Modi can bring in only a limited number of seats. But by projecting him it’s making...

  • The Federalism #Spoilu
    The Federalism #Spoilu

    Recasting his anti-Modi line, Nitish works the regional parties

  • The Kejriwal Conundrum
    The Kejriwal Conundrum

    The colour of absolutism, the distant sound of goosestepping

  • Smog Of War
    Smog Of War

    Was it a big C (coup) attempt by an army faction or a big D (disinformation) campaign by somebody else?

  • Staring Out Voices
    Staring Out Voices

    Rounding up of innocent Muslims was a factor that cost the Congress Muslim votes in UP.

  • ‘Foreign’ Policy
    ‘Foreign’ Policy

    The hypocrisy from the head of a supposedly democratic government betrays an intolerance for democratic...

  • Cloak And Blinkers
    Cloak And Blinkers

    Like China, India’s policy choices in the Middle East must be autonomous of the US alliance

  • Non-Playing Captain?
    Non-Playing Captain?

    Rahul did try. But Modi has avoided risk—and a lesson he needs.

  • Reading In Darkness
    Reading In Darkness

    How our dismal education scene is linked to our intolerance

  • Political Panchadoshas
    Political Panchadoshas

    All parties in the Lokpal fiasco displayed the same flaws

  • Call The Pathologist
    Call The Pathologist

    The torture of Soni Sori is worse than what the Raj ever inflicted

  • Delayed, Maybe Not Denied
    Delayed, Maybe Not Denied

    The slow wheels of justice inch closer to Modi’s chhappan ni chhaati

  • Syriana Unshrouded
    Syriana Unshrouded

    How the West has interfered selectively in the name of democracy

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