September 21, 2020

Navtej Sarna

  • Sing The Wrath Of Punjab
    Sing The Wrath Of Punjab

    A great narrative poem of a Jallianwala Bagh massacre survivor, and lost for long, is finally translated. It...

  • Speak, Yesterday’s People
    Speak, Yesterday’s People

    Alexievich’s visceral first-person accounts from the last days of the USSR are saturated with anger,...

  • From Our Men In Bratislava
    From Our Men In Bratislava

    Differ though they may in tone and tenor, the essays are uniformly well-researched and analysed and written...

  • Sing Your Song, Bulle Shah
    Sing Your Song, Bulle Shah

    A history of Punjab hastens through the Mughals, ponders over its rich heritage and the Sikh empire, examines...

  • A Million Kissas
    A Million Kissas

    A stellar service to Punjabi literature—and to non-Punjabi readers—by bringing 40-odd Punjabi stories...

  • Burger Courtier
    Burger Courtier

    There is little to commend in this novel for which we must blame the generosity—or carelessness—of...

  • A History Man
    A History Man

    Edited with dedication and sympathy and includes contemporary narratives that give it a historical context

  • No Girlhoods
    No Girlhoods

    Desai is to be commended for documenting a major social ugliness in unflinching detail and producing a fluent...

  • Cycles of Time
    Cycles of Time

    An instant decision, a quick negotiation for a ride a back to the market for a tenner and I was being driven...

  • Cut, Wounded And Still Reeling
    Cut, Wounded And Still Reeling

    Poetic, assured, Khair uses allusion, metaphor, photography and barbed wire to weave his tale

  • XXL Don't An Epic Make
    XXL Don't An Epic Make

    The novel lurches fitfully from one episode to the other, reducing tragic history to a two-dimensional farce.

  • The India-Pakistan ATM
    The India-Pakistan ATM

    The Joint Statement on the first meeting of the India-Pakistan Anti- Terrorism Mechanism held in Islamabad...

  • Why Was The Pakistani Airforce Plane Delayed?
    Why Was The Pakistani Airforce Plane Delayed?

    The media speculation is wrong. "The aircraft could not take off because it developed a technical glitch. One...

  • 'An Early Conclusion...'
    'An Early Conclusion...'

    'Our obligations and commitments will be those that we undertake in the bilateral 123 Agreement. We expect...

  • 'Appalling'

    India slams Kasuri's remarks and urges 'Pakistan to take urgent steps to dismantle the infrastructure of...

  • Colour Of Straw
    Colour Of Straw

    Explores Hindu-Muslim interaction in pre-partition India, the trauma of migration and the burden of the past...

  • Jugful Of Surprise
    Jugful Of Surprise

    Literary allusions abound, but they can get a bit much in one go; Wodehousian flourishes can begin to pall....

  • An Ongoing Affair
    An Ongoing Affair

    The attraction of the story of eternal love of an emperor for his begum does not fade.

  • Bond In Kurukshetra
    Bond In Kurukshetra

    Brilliant dream passages featuring Krishna, Arjuna and Rama contrast awkwardly with cliched conversation...

  • 'The Intention Is To Create A Conducive Atmosphere..'
    'The Intention Is To Create A Conducive Atmosphere..'

    '..which necessarily requires an end to cross border terrorism and the dismantling of terrorist...

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