June 15, 2021

Navin Chawla

  • Why I Like <i>Outlook</i>
    Why I Like Outlook

    What I like best, and which is why I have always subscribed to Outlook over these long years, is the space it...

  • Kaziranga Diary
    Kaziranga Diary

    To be up at dawn on a December morning, clamber atop an elephant and proceed to look down on a somewhat...

  • Paris Diary
    Paris Diary

    Mother Teresa’s centenary year was ushered in in India and elsewhere in the world on August 26. On...

  • 'Does Not Deserve To Be A Candidate'
    'Does Not Deserve To Be A Candidate'

    'Any sponsorship of [Varun Gandhi's] candidature by the Bharatiya Janata Party, or any other Political Party...

  • Unlit Lamps In Attics
    Unlit Lamps In Attics

    Leprosy's ancient stigma still festers in India. It's time we cut the pain.

  • The Global Indian
    The Global Indian

    In the tangled Indian corporate scene, Parvinder Singh showed things could be done his way

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