June 21, 2021

Narayani Gupta

  • Annals On Bromide
    Annals On Bromide

    Photojournalist Kulwant Roy operated in times that changed the course of history. This is a fitting tribute.

  • Above Nalanda
    Above Nalanda

    It is a pity that a book careful on detail has made debatable assumptions

  • Chapter, Verse & Watercolour
    Chapter, Verse & Watercolour

    One with pictures, the other with conversations, two Dilliwalis map the changed and changing face of Delhi

  • 'Where Is The Jamia, DU Or JNU Novel?'
    'Where Is The Jamia, DU Or JNU Novel?'

    Delhi is old, Delhi is a large city. But sadly, the number of books which capture the histories and...

  • Aliens All
    Aliens All

    What would a post-makeover Shahjahanabad be like? Delhi's noted historian fears it will be populated with...

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