June 20, 2021

Nandini Mehta

  • Turtuk Diary
    Turtuk Diary

    “On the night of December 13, 1971, the people of this village went to sleep in Pakistan. The next morning,...

  • Oasis In The Desert
    Oasis In The Desert

    Perhaps the footfalls will come once the mall's movie theatres get going, and the restaurant finally gets its...

  • Chain Of Smoke Rings
    Chain Of Smoke Rings

  • Terrace Farming
    Terrace Farming

    Khan Market's hottest new hangout is a great place to people-watch. Only the food is—well, no, it's not...

  • Mouth Ke Saudagar
    Mouth Ke Saudagar

    Out with the Mwahists! Social kissing is anti-national!

  • The Life Of Pupa
    The Life Of Pupa

    To keep the 'other India' out of our lives is to keep out joie de vivre

  • King Sized
    King Sized

  • Nowhere Castle
    Nowhere Castle

    No map mentions the place. You need to visit it to believe it exists.

  • A Quack Quack Here
    A Quack Quack Here

    If you're a Peking Duck fan then Delhi's China Kitchen is as good as it gets

  • There's A Difference
    There's A Difference

  • No Biscuits, No Relief
    No Biscuits, No Relief

  • Sublime Seclusion
    Sublime Seclusion

  • You Fume, I Smoke
    You Fume, I Smoke

    Each cigarette is a tiny, sublime intimation of mortality—that's the seduction

  • A Dash Of Desert Sand
    A Dash Of Desert Sand

    Is what makes the saral-sukh-sust Bikaneri's bhujia an addiction

  • Meeting Paro
    Meeting Paro

  • Khan Market
    Khan Market

    My brother and I once pooled our money to buy James Thurber's Is Sex Necessary. Mr Bahri rang up my mother...

  • The Greatest Show
    The Greatest Show

  • Middle Class Ko Gussa Kyun Aya?
    Middle Class Ko Gussa Kyun Aya?

    The miscarriage of justice in the Jessica case has finally breached their threshold of cynicism

  • If You Were To Write An Epitaph...
    If You Were To Write An Epitaph...

    The war of words between two heavyweights of Hindi literature.

  • A Schizophrenic Nation
    A Schizophrenic Nation

    The oh-so-enlightened Argumentative Indian and the moral police, bomb blasts, abuse, threats, court...

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