August 05, 2021

Namrata Joshi

  • Dish As Coquette
    Dish As Coquette

    Food is an offering. It must be aesthetically enticing for the beholder. Plating is just that.

  • Is The Liberal Reader Dead?
    Is The Liberal Reader Dead?

    An avid reader of magazines and a prolific writer for both Indian and international publications, Pankaj...

  • Jazbaa

    Gupta has a stellar cast, but loses out on this adv­antage with his slipshod direction.

  • Singh Is Bliing
    Singh Is Bliing

    Proves that all of us are ultimately alike, united in absurdity.

  • The Peace Maker
    The Peace Maker

    Ravish Kumar’s calm presence, hard-hitting stories, changes grammar of Hindi news TV

  • Talvar

    It’s the solid writing, sharp dialogue and the spot-on performances which shine along

  • Meeruthiya Gangsters
    Meeruthiya Gangsters

    The rough, the raw and the ribald are eng­agingly portrayed

  • ‘I Have Become Too Fragile’
    ‘I Have Become Too Fragile’

    One of the most popular and credible faces of Indian television journalism Ravish Kumar on life, the universe...

  • Highway (Marathi)
    Highway (Marathi)

    Umesh captures the everyday humour, the chaos and din, makes canny observations about human behaviour and...

  • An Aandhi In Benares
    An Aandhi In Benares

    Censors stall a film about the campaign in a poll Modi won

  • Phantom

    This jingoistic revenge fantasy underlines that the enemy does lie across the border.

  • That Thing We Did
    That Thing We Did

    The late Habib Tanvir’s Naya Theatre is in a rut. The new order is yet to find its feet.

  • Manjhi

    From Nax­a­­lism, corruption and Eme­rgency, there are too many issues Mehta dabbles in.

  • Eleventh Day Adventist
    Eleventh Day Adventist

    Raam Reddy goes off the highway for a debut classic

  • Algorithms

    A matter-of-fact storytelling which doesn’t turn things pitiful or righteous.

  • Write It On The Screen
    Write It On The Screen

    Juhi Chaturvedi, creator of Vicky Donor and Piku, deploys quirk to serious effect

  • Of A Stern Make-Up
    Of A Stern Make-Up

    She eked a space for women in a filmi male bastion

  • Drishyam

    The trademark, heavy-lidded intensity of Ajay’s Vijay is too casual and throwaway instead of powerful and...

  • Pakistan Khush Hua...
    Pakistan Khush Hua...

    Long the villain of the piece, Pakistan becomes another character in Bo llywood with Bajrangi

  • ‘Gajendra Chauhan Is Not The Right Choice. He Must Resign.’
    ‘Gajendra Chauhan Is Not The Right Choice. He Must Resign.’

    Veteran film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan voices support for the striking students of FTII.

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