May 13, 2021

Namrata Joshi

  • Dish As Coquette
    Dish As Coquette

    Food is an offering. It must be aesthetically enticing for the beholder. Plating is just that.

  • Is The Liberal Reader Dead?
    Is The Liberal Reader Dead?

    An avid reader of magazines and a prolific writer for both Indian and international publications, Pankaj...

  • Jazbaa

    Gupta has a stellar cast, but loses out on this adv­antage with his slipshod direction.

  • Singh Is Bliing
    Singh Is Bliing

    Proves that all of us are ultimately alike, united in absurdity.

  • The Peace Maker
    The Peace Maker

    Ravish Kumar’s calm presence, hard-hitting stories, changes grammar of Hindi news TV

  • Talvar

    It’s the solid writing, sharp dialogue and the spot-on performances which shine along

  • Meeruthiya Gangsters
    Meeruthiya Gangsters

    The rough, the raw and the ribald are eng­agingly portrayed

  • ‘I Have Become Too Fragile’
    ‘I Have Become Too Fragile’

    One of the most popular and credible faces of Indian television journalism Ravish Kumar on life, the universe...

  • Highway (Marathi)
    Highway (Marathi)

    Umesh captures the everyday humour, the chaos and din, makes canny observations about human behaviour and...

  • Phantom

    This jingoistic revenge fantasy underlines that the enemy does lie across the border.

  • An Aandhi In Benares
    An Aandhi In Benares

    Censors stall a film about the campaign in a poll Modi won

  • That Thing We Did
    That Thing We Did

    The late Habib Tanvir’s Naya Theatre is in a rut. The new order is yet to find its feet.

  • Manjhi

    From Nax­a­­lism, corruption and Eme­rgency, there are too many issues Mehta dabbles in.

  • Eleventh Day Adventist
    Eleventh Day Adventist

    Raam Reddy goes off the highway for a debut classic

  • Algorithms

    A matter-of-fact storytelling which doesn’t turn things pitiful or righteous.

  • Write It On The Screen
    Write It On The Screen

    Juhi Chaturvedi, creator of Vicky Donor and Piku, deploys quirk to serious effect

  • Of A Stern Make-Up
    Of A Stern Make-Up

    She eked a space for women in a filmi male bastion

  • Drishyam

    The trademark, heavy-lidded intensity of Ajay’s Vijay is too casual and throwaway instead of powerful and...

  • Pakistan Khush Hua...
    Pakistan Khush Hua...

    Long the villain of the piece, Pakistan becomes another character in Bo llywood with Bajrangi

  • Bahubali: The Beginning
    Bahubali: The Beginning

    Has a ‘been there, already seen in Hollywood’ feel to it.

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