July 23, 2021

Murali Krishnan

  • 'I Met Warne At Five-Star Parties'
    'I Met Warne At Five-Star Parties'

    The man, described by the ICC's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit as a 'major cricket gambler', one of the...

  • 'We Have To Ensure A Fair Trial, That's The Least People Expect'
    'We Have To Ensure A Fair Trial, That's The Least People Expect'

    The law and justice minister on the steps being initiated by the UPA government to restore confidence among...

  • Many Jackals On the Prowl
    Many Jackals On the Prowl

    An IB assessment finds that the threat to Sonia Gandhi's life was real

  • That Delhi Belle
    That Delhi Belle

    Cellphones ring. Five-star rooms are booked. The men are natty. The girls, hep. A look at the capital of sin.

  • Wilful Machines
    Wilful Machines

    Despite the EC's reassurances, tampering fears remain

  • What's Ur Moto?
    What's Ur Moto?

    Telecom giant Motorola faces a probe over bribes it paid to BSNL officials through middlemen and front firms

  • Keeping Akram Out
    Keeping Akram Out

    How does the former Pak skipper, tainted by match-fixing charges, continue to influence cricket?

  • A Beamer Ball
    A Beamer Ball

    The net closes in on the ex-Pakistan captain over the '99 Old Trafford Cup match even as more charges crop up

  • Plumb In The Middle
    Plumb In The Middle

    A '99 Indo-Pak World Cup league match. The usual suspects. An ICC probe closes in. Updates

  • Whistling For A Ref
    Whistling For A Ref

    At a time when most parties are in election mode, the government plays around with the CEC appointment

  • The Sky Falls!
    The Sky Falls!

    The trail that has emerged from the CBI probe into the Judeo scam is leading up to the Jogis, via a TV channel

  • Transparency No Bar
    Transparency No Bar

    Candidates' education may have influenced voters but not their money or crimes

  • Chicken Coop Raid
    Chicken Coop Raid

    Beyond leaked papers, the HRD ministry plans its own subversion on the IIMs Updates

  • Frame By Frame
    Frame By Frame

    Images do not lie. Even if they are a sting operation or a political checkmate by the opponent. Updates.

  • Somewhere In The West...
    Somewhere In The West...

    The barbs are hitting home. As the Indian army immerses itself in the ambitious task of wiring up an...

  • "No Way Am I Entering Politics"

    The CEC explains how the forthcoming assembly elections in five states will be different from any other...

  • The Slush Meter
    The Slush Meter

    This time, candidates have to declare their assets and liabilities. Will it bring transparency or refine...

  • Present, D Facto
    Present, D Facto

    The Sindh IG's admission matches with India's claim all along: Dawood's there and thriving

  • Bullet's Day Out
    Bullet's Day Out

    After an uneasy calm, terror returns with a deafening roar Updates

  • Next-Door Kamikaze
    Next-Door Kamikaze

    Urbane, motivated, net-savvy—the new, deadlier crop of militants is from the middle class

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