January 18, 2021

Mohan Guruswamy

  • Words Off The Air
    Words Off The Air

    In a world where information is power, snooping is common and even friends are not exempted.

  • Define India First...
    Define India First...

    Modi is a creature of the RSS ideological hothouse where only intellectual bonsais can grow.

  • Self-Reliance, Not Reliance
    Self-Reliance, Not Reliance

    What we see now is a new and indigenous form of McCarthyism.

  • Long Live Sibling Rivalry
    Long Live Sibling Rivalry

    Let there be no war. Let bhai-bhai one-upmanship last forever.

  • Close Encounters
    Close Encounters

    A recently released report by Transparency International shows that India's lower judiciary took Rs. 2630...

  • Real Estate Vs Realpolitik
    Real Estate Vs Realpolitik

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