June 21, 2021

Mihir Bose

  • The Keeper There Wasn’t
    The Keeper There Wasn’t

    Fate and flaw conspired to keep egalitarian football at the margins in India. Cricket—race-erected,...

  • Green Park Jeremiad
    Green Park Jeremiad

    Its top tier may be gilded, but Indian cricket’s base is rotting away

  • Oh, Would That Patel Could Bat!
    Oh, Would That Patel Could Bat!

  • Innings That Never Was
    Innings That Never Was

    Olympics will devalue cricket; its masters have no use for the games

  • Block At The Heart of Indian Cricket
    Block At The Heart of Indian Cricket

    A wealthy Board, wealthy players, but a poverty of strategy and ambition—and a ‘cool’ captain who’s...

  • Riots Are Elsewhere
    Riots Are Elsewhere

    So thought Britain, till the hoods came out in London and beyond

  • Agricultural Shots
    Agricultural Shots

    The IPL stood for a new India. The mess it’s in turns the clock back.

  • Gandhi In The FIFA?
    Gandhi In The FIFA?

    Twenty20 World Cup, odd exploits of a Sania Mirza or even a hockey triumph... but the great Indian elephant...

  • Parathas, Anyone?
    Parathas, Anyone?

    The bad blood phase seems over, the two Asian rivals can now even be graceful in defeat

  • The New Indian Caste Taboo
    The New Indian Caste Taboo

    It's a literary kala pani. What is depressing is that the old Indian cultural schizophrenia is still alive,...

  • Surprise Swing
    Surprise Swing

    Star rivalry, jingoism, twist in the tale: this battle had them all

  • A Seamy Standoff
    A Seamy Standoff

    Three cricketing greats clash in a high-profile legal match

  • An Official Disaster
    An Official Disaster

  • Summer Of Discontent
    Summer Of Discontent

    Sidhu's acrimonious exit has cast a shadow on manager Sandip Patil's man-management skills

  • Quiet Indian Summer
    Quiet Indian Summer

    Football and a smug English press drown out Azhar's boys

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