June 14, 2021

Meghnad Desai

  • K In Filmdom
    K In Filmdom

    India talks to itself via Bollywood and Anupama Chopra is there with a sharp ear listening and reporting...

  • Burra Salaams For A Country Much Loved
    Burra Salaams For A Country Much Loved

    A sepia-tinted India slumbers on in many foreigners: seekers, sojourners, job-hunters and those who stayed on

  • How Steel Flashed
    How Steel Flashed

    The epic corporate battle of Mittal's takeover bid of Arcelor, fought against a backcloth of cultural anxiety

  • All Those Jaunty Angles
    All Those Jaunty Angles

    He purloined hearts as easily as he broke them. Evergreen hero Dev Anand on his life and loves...

  • Tarted-Up History
    Tarted-Up History

    In trying a light-footed hand at some weighty events of our past, Misra's book falls between two stools

  • The Man Who Would Be King
    The Man Who Would Be King

    Cub hunks may be snapping at his heels, but Shahrukh Khan remains the face of Bollywood in the era of...

  • Pranayama: Evil Breath
    Pranayama: Evil Breath

    The villain was meant to be hated, but that is what has come to be loved about him

  • One Shourie Isn't Enough
    One Shourie Isn't Enough

    A sharp, witty excoriation of babudom, but the bite's sting robbed by excessive detail

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