July 31, 2021

Maseeh Rahman

  • Indonesia Diary
    Indonesia Diary

    In Outlook this week, a diary from multicultural Indonesia.

  • Venice Diary
    Venice Diary

    As the writer travels through Venice's "Tiny lanes, crumbly old palaces, the water," he is reminded of...

  • Venice Diary
    Venice Diary

    People remain indifferent to modern art in a city that organises what is often described as ‘the Olympics...

  • An Atrocity Devours All
    An Atrocity Devours All

    For his naive, lofty faith in Indian justice, Yakub must hang

  • Not A Kon Tiki Adventure
    Not A Kon Tiki Adventure

    I understood why Suu Kyi remains silent on the Rohingyas. There seems little hope for them.

  • Crawling Through The Emergency
    Crawling Through The Emergency

    In April 1976, Fulcrum Magazine did the only expose of the brutalities of Sanjay Gandhi's pet mass...

  • The Master Plan, Unveiled
    The Master Plan, Unveiled

    Lutyens’ Delhi never had a place for its architect. Rashtrapati Bhavan finds one for him.

  • Venice Diary
    Venice Diary

    Throughout history, Venice, with its Virgin Mary cult, has been known as ‘the city of miracles’. That the...

  • Blue of Noon
    Blue of Noon

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