July 29, 2021

Mariana Baabar

  • Age Of Extremes
    Age Of Extremes

    Imran, Qadri hem in on the Sharif regime as the army stands tall

  • The Waxing Crescent
    The Waxing Crescent

    Pakistan faces August 14 with foreboding as righteous forces tear at each other over the state’s future path

  • Talking Again
    Talking Again

    Nawaz Sharif’s India visit goes down well with a hopeful Pakistan

  • In A Frigid State
    In A Frigid State

    Pakistan waited. And Manmohan kept it waiting.

  • Through A Spyglass
    Through A Spyglass

    A warily hopeful Pakistan considers life beside a Modi-led India

  • As Talking Heads Roll
    As Talking Heads Roll

    Pakistan’s media cowers under the TTP’s glare

  • Visa-Vis The Enemy
    Visa-Vis The Enemy

    By putting Pakistan on the ‘enemies list’, India displays its blinkers

  • Smoke Rings In Pindi
    Smoke Rings In Pindi

    Pakistan gets a new army chief. Hopefully, it will get a fresh start.

  • The Wages Of Fame
    The Wages Of Fame

    As if in reaction to her global renown, some in Pakistan revile Malala

  • Pleas From An Extended Hand
    Pleas From An Extended Hand

    Sharif’s reconciliatory message for India shows he won’t let anyone hijack the peace process

  • Girl Under Cover
    Girl Under Cover

    Pakistan’s burqa-clad animation superwoman kicks up a controversy

  • A White Tiger Tale
    A White Tiger Tale

    Nawaz Sharif has a ‘heavy’ mandate. Does he have the moxie to usher in a ‘Naya Pakistan’?

  • Blight Of The Borders
    Blight Of The Borders

    Sarabjit Singh, long-time Indian prisoner, is murdered in a Lahore jail. Pak in damage control mode.

  • Swing In Reverse
    Swing In Reverse

    Antipathy for the PPP is the biggest factor

  • The Woman Who Turned Heads
    The Woman Who Turned Heads

    Hina Rabbani Khar was the toast of the foreign capitals. But now, on the eve of Pakistan’s historic...

  • Their New House Rules
    Their New House Rules

    A pathetic Musharraf visits courts, attracts scorn as an irrelevance in a changed Pakistan

  • Knight, Rook And King
    Knight, Rook And King

    A pragmatist, Zardari has survived. But his tolerance and acuity is a first for Pakistan.

  • Leash Here, Lash There
    Leash Here, Lash There

    India, Pakistan bark up the wrong tree

  • ‘We Violated An Agreement While We Were At Peace; The Operation Was Poorly Timed
    ‘We Violated An Agreement While We Were At Peace; The Operation Was Poorly Timed

    Lt Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz has taken Pakistan by storm with his all-revealing book

  • Bombs In Our Houses
    Bombs In Our Houses

    Shinde’s terror charge sparks advice, gloating, action plans in Pakistan

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