April 01, 2020

Manjushree Thapa

  • Gigs In Town
    Gigs In Town

    A frothy, delicious and gossipy whirl of who-likes-who, who-said-or-did-what, and who-had-sex-with-who.

  • Up The Barrel
    Up The Barrel

    Anyone interested in the Naxalite movement will find much to mull over in this enjoyably jangly,...

  • Sophie’s Voice
    Sophie’s Voice

    Though somewhat languid in pace, the novel wins over the reader with its sincerity.

  • Sly Bends
    Sly Bends

    An unusually skilled writer. So many writers today rush to 'say something' at the expense of artistry. Koshy...

  • It's Sketchup!
    It's Sketchup!

    Where the language should reveal, it too often covers up, or merely suggests, leaving the characters a bit...

  • Nailed To The Edges
    Nailed To The Edges

    A journey to the depths of a planned crime is also an empathetic descent into the bowels of the underclass

  • When India Was
    When India Was Legible

    Big Brother helped in the democracy battle. But I can't read more.

  • In Transit
    In Transit

    Last February I came to Delhi not really wanting to visit Delhi; I just wanted out of Nepal. I needed to live...

  • Light On Her Feet
    Light On Her Feet

    This is that rare collection of good fiction by writers who happen to be women from Pakistan.

  • Bleak House
    Bleak House

    It was all fullstops. The country is battling for its soul. It's been the most brutal year, by far, for...

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