July 28, 2021

Manjula Padmanabhan

  • Culture In His Folds
    Culture In His Folds

    Nagarkar’s long-necked grazing on the fields of literature, films, food and his gift for friendship

  • Tarragona Diary
    Tarragona Diary

    In this week's diary, a playwright and writer talks about her visit to Tarragona.

  • We Asked Them For Stories
    We Asked Them For Stories

    You will, woncha? By mid-October? While the goddess is straw still?.... Oh, but to count the bellows of the...

  • Man Enters Lift With Girl. Discuss
    Man Enters Lift With Girl. Discuss

    The situation. The scenarios. The choices.

  • Field Notes
    Field Notes

    It would be nice to know whom to praise for this elegant and thoughtfully designed volume

  • The Hand-Held Panshot
    The Hand-Held Panshot

    A gritty docu-style look at the lives of young people, but what is rendered visible is, strangely, a void

  • The Clearest Of Sapphires
    The Clearest Of Sapphires

    Jewel-bright descriptions, careful plots and compassionate prose from one of India’s most graceful voices

  • Trunk Calls
    Trunk Calls

    A novel set in India that has the hallmarks of what I would call the Indian Wedding Rock Opera genre.

  • Old Flames
    Old Flames

    Using homespun wit and unpretentious language, this little book manages to beam out a more robust message...

  • Know India: Learn The Alphabet By Heart
    Know India: Learn The Alphabet By Heart

    The raised-as-American Giridharadas has a steady eye, but his set-pieces are a patchwork in a big book

  • There’s A Googly In My Heart
    There’s A Googly In My Heart

    Much ado about whacking a sphere about—religiously

  • Move On To 60
    Move On To 60

    It’s hard to believe this collection of stories about meek wives and self-effacing widows comes from such a...

  • Art Without Heart
    Art Without Heart

    Gigantism bereft of the artist’s touch marks Kapoor’s creations

  • Strip The Skin
    Strip The Skin

    Nothing hits home better than sharp wit. The comic strip is an illustrative example.

  • Shots Of Intimate Distances
    Shots Of Intimate Distances

    The more we try to approach the person whose name is on the cover, the less we understand of her interior...

  • Slumcake Millionaires
    Slumcake Millionaires

    Can you really express your conviction through your confection?

  • Ready Wings
    Ready Wings

    Thapa has a light touch and maintains an admirable balance between telling a story and making socio-cultural...

  • Wrist-Slitters Anonymous
    Wrist-Slitters Anonymous

    This novel’s self-flagellating neurosis points at our true distress, but its tone is marred by a cold stream

  • A Bruising Pursuit Of Love
    A Bruising Pursuit Of Love

    Autobiography masquerades as novel in a tale of vicious dysfunction overcome by resoluteness of spirit

  • Sister Candide
    Sister Candide

    Sister Jesme writes in an intense, informal voice, as if she were standing in the room, haranguing the reader

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