April 15, 2021

Malashri Lal

  • Broken Calacatta
    Broken Calacatta

    A woman in mid-century Calcutta breaks free of the soul-crushing customs of widowhood to reclaim her self in...

  • On Back Stage
    On Back Stage

    Salma is a consummate storyteller, blending poetry and prose, gossip and history. Lakshmi Holmstrom's...

  • After Emma
    After Emma

    Warning note that we need not give up all that is local to chalk our success; that we need indigenous,...

  • A Story Sterling Pure
    A Story Sterling Pure

    Saraogi's fantastical reconstructions fill in a major silence in the evolution of Bengal's history - with a...

  • Taking His Word
    Taking His Word

    This collection makes us privy to the man behind the words, his strengths and vulnerabilities uncovered as a...

  • Of Age And Merry Wisdom
    Of Age And Merry Wisdom

    Thirteen tales of life's lengthening shadows

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