January 28, 2021
Lt Gen Prakash C. Katoch (Retd)

Lt Gen Prakash C. Katoch (Retd)

  •   More Than Just Another Wakeup Call
    More Than Just Another Wakeup Call

    This is not the time for political mudslinging. It is time for holistic reflection and action.

  • Tryst With Deceit?
    Tryst With Deceit?

    Let's not get carried away. It's time to realistically look at how we should proceed with "solving" Siachen

  • Missing The Point
    Missing The Point

    General V.K. Singh actually did take the best possible action. The fellow offering the bribe was a retired...

  • The Battle Within
    The Battle Within

    Instead of worrying about who leaked the Army Chief's letter to the PM, it is time to look at the contents...

  • And The Great Game Will Continue
    And The Great Game Will Continue

    Beyond 2014, as US troops prepare to leave —and Pakistan wants India out of —Afghanistan, the region is...

  • What's The Problem?
    What's The Problem?

    If there have been human rights violations by Sri Lankan security forces, why should those responsible not be...

  • Potpourri Kashmir
    Potpourri Kashmir

    Some take-aways from a round table meet organized by a think tank last week in Delhi on J&K

  • Interpreting Interceptors
    Interpreting Interceptors

    That the Army Chief could even have considered deploying interceptors to monitor conversations of...

  • The NCTC Imbroglio
    The NCTC Imbroglio

    The objections against the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) have merit, but our response to terrorism...

  • The General Deserves Justice
    The General Deserves Justice

    Never mind the orchestrated media blitz, don't be swayed by the wind: just read the Supreme Court order. The...

  • New Face Of Terror
    New Face Of Terror

    The broad daylight terror attack on an Israeli official's car in Delhi's high security area, not far away...

  • Where Is Maldives Headed?
    Where Is Maldives Headed?

    Upholding of the Maldivian constitution and continued peace in this strategically located archipelago is...

  • Who Is The Raja In MoD?
    Who Is The Raja In MoD?

    If the former telecom minister A. Raja is the scapegoat of the 2G Scam, who is going to be the scapegoat in...

  • Getting Particular
    Getting Particular

    Today's hearing of Supreme Court in the case of Gen V.K. Singh’s date of birth (DOB) is the first sign of...

  • The Shikhandi Salvo
    The Shikhandi Salvo

    So what do we make of the latest reports of the ministry of defence ordering the Adjutant General to change...

  • Indian Army: Whose Personal Fiefdom?
    Indian Army: Whose Personal Fiefdom?

    Exposing ‘and punishing’ the conspirators and co-conspirators by the Supreme Court is now as important as...

  • Perpetuating Primitiveness
    Perpetuating Primitiveness

    The façade of Jarawas not wanting to mingle is hogwash. Fact is they want to progress and develop but are...

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