June 15, 2021
Krishna Prasad

Krishna Prasad

  • Morocco Diary
    Morocco Diary

    Poverty has no language but still it is an awkward feeling to be accosted by handicapped beggars and homeless...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Maybe those who make Modi's bed should place the Constitution of India by its side, instead of the Guinness...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    When a fake tweet, a fake photo and a fake video can have such high returns, who would want to let reality...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Mana­ging the headlines may be standard operating pro­cedure for Modi Sarkar but it still hasn’t found a...

  • Let There Be Dialogue
    Let There Be Dialogue

    A former career communicator’s book must be culled for tips by the PMO

  • The Baker’s Dozen
    The Baker’s Dozen

    13 questions for which the answers are not in our list of 52

  • Bhubaneswar Diary
    Bhubaneswar Diary

    There are press clubs and there are press clubs, but none quite so unique, it would seem, than the Press Club...

  • Varanasi Diary
    Varanasi Diary

    Modi in anno domini 2015 isn’t looking as good on the ground as he did in the year of the lord 2014.

  • A 20-Question Quiz You Can’t Google
    A 20-Question Quiz You Can’t Google

    Magazines are all about details and distillation; about making the important interesting. Here, then, are 20...

  • A Few Mag Pies
    A Few Mag Pies

    Outlookwallahs recall their other-magazine moments

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    In no time, Kejriwal has shown that his party is cut from the same cloth of vengeance, doublespeak and...

  • Allahabad Diary
    Allahabad Diary

    Roads without streetlights, no public transport, an ugly riverfront, crumbling buildings, water and power...

  • The Last Great Editor
    The Last Great Editor

    When the cliche "the end of an era" trips off the obits, make no mistake: it has.

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    It is about time someone asked Sachin Tendulkar if he is beginning to lose his masterful touch.

  • New Year Diary
    New Year Diary

    Not everyone will agree with the Outlook jury’s list of the 100 books that can change our lives; nor do we...

  • Srinagar Diary
    Srinagar Diary

    What you hear in the Valley is not always what you get to see. There are layers and there are layers...

  • ‘India Did Not Get Anything Wrong’
    ‘India Did Not Get Anything Wrong’

    His calling card reads ‘Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’; his mindset is still of ‘Chairman,...

  • New Year Diary
    New Year Diary

    It took a battered woman’s gasps for life in the final fortnight to hold a mirror to the serial offences...

  • Happy Birthday To Us
    Happy Birthday To Us

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    For all the accumulated wisdom, all you get by way of an answer as to what’s in store in the five assembly...

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