June 24, 2021
Kanti Bajpai

Kanti Bajpai

  • The Roadmap We Must Make As We Go
    The Roadmap We Must Make As We Go

    Massive challenges face the Narendra Modi government. Here are some of our bigger ailments that need...

  • The Nu Era
    The Nu Era

    India-US nuclear deal stirred the torpid opposition parties into action, particularly the Left, and nearly...

  • Been So Long, Archiekins
    Been So Long, Archiekins

    Indo-US relations have traversed tough terrain and endured

  • Marks Of Insecurity
    Marks Of Insecurity

    Why do top results-- in boards, JEE or UPSC-- matter to us so much?

  • Fission And No Fizz
    Fission And No Fizz

    N-power status put India back a notch on all counts. What saved us from the hole: the economy.

  • 'The Film Will Encourage Cynicism'
    'The Film Will Encourage Cynicism'

    With a scary political prescription, its message is: Don't think too much, just get on with it

  • A Lengthy Courtship
    A Lengthy Courtship

    We in India lack contemporary history of the digestible, Datta-Ray kind. This book will sit well on our...

  • A Concerto 
For Violence
    A Concerto For Violence

    The shock of 9/11 and the US military presence in the region might have helped pacify this turbulent zone; it...

  • "Court Martial"

    Transcript of Televison Talk Show Court Martial broadcast on SAB TV  where the foreign secretary, recently...

  • Train To/From Pakistan
    Train To/From Pakistan

    If both India and Pakistan have easy travel regimes, they'll earn goodwill among ordinary citizens who may...

  • Inside The Pakistani Mind
    Inside The Pakistani Mind

    Welcome notes on the eve of the Pakistani general's visit

  • Dialogue, Not Revenge
    Dialogue, Not Revenge

    Kanti Bajpai, Kamal Mitra Chenoy, Praful Bidwai and Achin Vanaik suggest a peace plan

  • Lahore Balance-Sheet
    Lahore Balance-Sheet

    There's a sense of relief about the decade's first bilateral meet. The bad news:nothing to capture the...

  • Missing In Action
    Missing In Action

    Singh's polemical thesis suggests an absent strategic culture

  • Touring The Decades
    Touring The Decades

    Neither subtle nor flashy, a hard-nosed look at foreign policy

  • Cut Out The Bombast
    Cut Out The Bombast

    To declare that India needs the bomb to deter Pakistan's bomb is rather perverse. For, if New Delhi did...

  • India In A Diplomatic Soup
    India In A Diplomatic Soup

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