October 27, 2020

Kancha Ilaiah

  • BJP Only Pretends To Respect Ambedkar, Or Else Anand Teltumbde Would Not Be In Jail
    BJP Only Pretends To Respect Ambedkar, Or Else Anand Teltumbde Would Not Be In Jail

    Today, Prime Minister Modi invoked Ambedkar. But shockingly, today a respected Dalit intellectual was also...

  • Whose Ambedkar Is He Anyway?
    Whose Ambedkar Is He Anyway?

    The true riddle of Ambedkar is: why did he consider himself a Hindu at all, despite having seen the ugly side...

  • Middle Management Mess
    Middle Management Mess

    Mamata, Jagan, Anna Hazare, KCR, Baba Ramdev, Telan­gana, it’s all been managed. What next?

  • The Ethereal Realist
    The Ethereal Realist

    Ambedkar is prophet to a people he created soul and politics for

  • Soiled Tracks
    Soiled Tracks

    Brings out the ideological hang-ups that encourage manual scavenging and needs to be read by every civilised...

  • Trishuls, Lathis And Books
    Trishuls, Lathis And Books

    Without understanding the implications of the Hindutva project of weapon distribution other parties are aping...

  • Sharing More Than Scraps
    Sharing More Than Scraps

    Indian nationalism is not only the property of Hindus. It is the property of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists...

  • The Rise Of Modi
    The Rise Of Modi

    The BJP made serious efforts, much more than other parties, to include and accommodate the OBCs so as to...

  • Cow And Culture
    Cow And Culture

    They killed five Dalits for skinning a cow... At least now the whole nation must stand up against this kind...

  • Hindutva And Caste
    Hindutva And Caste

    The BJP is making a show of empowering the Sudra/OBC forces within... But how will the Sangh Parivar resolve...

  • Challenges Before Kalam
    Challenges Before Kalam

    Abdul Kalam has to ensure that his being President is not misused to serve the Hindutva agenda.

  • Dalit, OBC And Muslim Relations
    Dalit, OBC And Muslim Relations

    Muslim intellectuals must learn from Christian missionaries and work among Dalits, Adivasis and OBCs so that...

  • Needed, A Transformation
    Needed, A Transformation

    The contemporary Shudras\OBCs have not developed a philosophical discourse of their own.

  • What Stakes Do OBCs Have?
    What Stakes Do OBCs Have?

    The OBCs are a directionless social force available to be used by the Hindutva forces as muscle power.

  • Cultural Globalisation
    Cultural Globalisation

    In the cultural realm, globalisation seems to have opened up a new channel of hope for the historically...

  • The Buffalo's Unholy Milk
    The Buffalo's Unholy Milk

    All the intellectuals of India seem afraid that a proposal for discussing the question of caste at a UN forum...

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