August 03, 2021

Jyotirmaya Sharma

  • ‘The Lord Does Not Exist’
    ‘The Lord Does Not Exist’

    The angry Brahminical god has tried to dominate the aboriginal, ambiguous deities. Then came the poet-saints,...

  • Savarkar's Justification Of Himsa
    Savarkar's Justification Of Himsa

    Revolt, bloodshed and revenge were at once the instruments of injustice and of bringing about natural...

  • Sorry, We Are Going Wrong
    Sorry, We Are Going Wrong

    Where will a condoning of acquisitiveness and fratricidal violence lead us?

  • The Pope’s Rhinoceros
    The Pope’s Rhinoceros

    Now, the RSS is the BJP and the BJP is the RSS.

  • No Poetry In His Language
    No Poetry In His Language

    Modi doesn’t dress up his version of truth, it’s baldspeak

  • Dharma  For The State?
    Dharma For The State?

    Swami Vivekananda: Social reformer or caste votary? Religious inclusivist or Hindu supremacist?

  • Hyderabad Diary
    Hyderabad Diary

    An old Hyderabadi recently told me, “We are not asking for governance or good governance. Not even...

  • Hyderabad Diary
    Hyderabad Diary

    When I came to live in Hyderabad a decade ago, a wise man, visibly drunk, told me that the three things that...

  • Where Holding Back Is A Virtue
    Where Holding Back Is A Virtue

    Smug in our restraint, we delight when sex goeth before a fall

  • The Thousand Year Myth
    The Thousand Year Myth

    The Liberhan report too falls for the Hindu-Secular conundrum

  • Bills Of Exchange
    Bills Of Exchange

    So compelling is the Naidu mystique that even Rahul Gandhi admitted recently that Naidu did a lot for...

  • Only One Man To Thank
    Only One Man To Thank

    Chiranjeevi. The future of whose Praja Rajyam is as uncertain as the speculation over its possible impact on...

  • New Four - Cornered Hat
    New Four - Cornered Hat

    No burning issue, but caste and carrots, confronts Andhra voters

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