January 23, 2021

Jehan Perera

  • Giving Peace A Chance?
    Giving Peace A Chance?

    The election-time rhetoric now appears discarded. The invitation issued by President Kumaratunga to Norway to...

  • Power Play
    Power Play

    President Chandrika Kumaratunga reneged on her previous promises, and by dissolving Parliament and ordering...

  • A Maximal Proposal
    A Maximal Proposal

    The surprise was not that the LTTE did, in fact, make maximalist demands. The surprise is that they did it so...

  • For An Equal Place In Peace
    For An Equal Place In Peace

    From the beginning of the peace process, representatives of the Muslim community have been asking for a place...

  • A Little Arm-Twisting
    A Little Arm-Twisting

    In announcing its withdrawal from the peace negotiations, the LTTE is making it clear that its cooperation is...

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