July 24, 2021

Jawid Laiq

  • An Ode To Biharis
    An Ode To Biharis

    They have just saved us from a paranoid parivar bent on forcing all freewheeling individuals and groups into...

  • Prime Time Codswallop
    Prime Time Codswallop

    The loudmouths who hold forth on TV talk shows and panel discussions are just as noisy and incomprehensible...

  • Two Pocket Seats
    Two Pocket Seats

    No loudspeaker appeals in the streets, no banners, hardly any posters, very few election rallies.

  • The Absence Of Air
    The Absence Of Air

    A clinical, numbing record of how our 'justice' system subverts democracy

  • A Genealogy Of Knickers
    A Genealogy Of Knickers

    Meticulously connects the aggressive actions of the Sangh parivar with the thoughts of four angry men but...

  • On A Collusion Course
    On A Collusion Course

    Powerfully persuasive, well-researched take on the dynamics of communal violence

  • Now, For A Palace Coup
    Now, For A Palace Coup

    These 19th century trappings, you'll agree, are relics to be dispensed with in a modern democracy.

  • Two Far Paradises
    Two Far Paradises

    Hindus and Muslims here have a heritage that's richer than American fads and the shimmer of Arabia's sands.

  • Third Sack of Delhi
    Third Sack of Delhi

  • Diplomatic Impunity
    Diplomatic Impunity

    The IFS is the last bastion of  the brown sahib, wrapped in a silk cocoon and steeped in an ethos of...

  • Kalamity

  • Meeting Mr Maino
    Meeting Mr Maino

    "After Sonia's marriage, everyone thinks we have got rich. But the marriage has been an expensive thing for...

  • Who Cares For The Voters?
    Who Cares For The Voters?

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