September 23, 2020

Javed Miandad

  • Yellow Star Treatment
    Yellow Star Treatment

    The IPL’s disregard for Pakistani cricketers is hurtful and unwise

  • India's Game In Tatters
    India's Game In Tatters

    The tag of World Cup finalists has rarely been so ill-deserved.

  • India Erred In Strategy
    India Erred In Strategy

    To have third man and fine leg against Afridi is such a flawed field. If India had learnt anything from the...

  • Indian Bowling Lacks Firepower
    Indian Bowling Lacks Firepower

    The team at the moment is trying to bury the opposition with the mountain of runs its proven batsmen can...

  • Team Must Back Ganguly
    Team Must Back Ganguly

    The players must look him in the face and convey a sense of complete confidence. If they withdraw in the hope...

  • Audacious Yet Judicious
    Audacious Yet Judicious

    Dhoni's willingness to hit was matched in equal by his desire to stay long at the crease. Let's not forget...

  • Monumental Blunders
    Monumental Blunders

    The Indians looked a terrified lot when they took the field. Their body language, the way the fours flowed,...

  • India Lost It In The Mind
    India Lost It In The Mind

    They forgot the age-old maxim of cricket: You can play for a draw for 20 overs, but doing so for 90 overs is...

  • Pakistan Erred In Basics
    Pakistan Erred In Basics

    They chose the wrong team, bowled badly and batted with frail technique.

  • 'India Lacked The Hunger To Win'
    'India Lacked The Hunger To Win'

    'It will be far too easy to place the blame on Sachin for having batted too slowly on the second afternoon....

  • 'Choose Your Moment'
    'Choose Your Moment'

    'It is not to suggest Inzy (Inzamam) should not have a strategy in place. But it is dangerous if you go into...

  • A First-Ball Six
    A First-Ball Six

    India's batting, our bowling. It's sure to get 'interesting' on the field.

  • Mercury Rising?
    Mercury Rising?

    One could go on current performance and label the Pakistani cricket team 'mercurial'. But when have they not...

  • Stick Together
    Stick Together

    South Africa, Australia have mastered the art of playing as a team; subcontinental squads rely on individual...

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