June 24, 2021

Janaki Bahadur Kremmer

  • Melbourne Ultimatum
    Melbourne Ultimatum

    Australia denies it's racist, but why the spate of recent attacks on Indian students?

  • Get The Monkey Off Our Chain
    Get The Monkey Off Our Chain

    It was the Australians who equated sledging with excellence. Now the world has caught on.

  • First Test Bloomers
    First Test Bloomers

    The terror case has come as a 'new, unknown road' for Australia. For Haneef, it's good news. Updates

  • Howard's Ends
    Howard's Ends

    Will Dr Haneef be a pawn in the whole terror scare on in Oz? Updates

  • Washed Your Hands?
    Washed Your Hands?

    Dr Haneef's detention brings back memories of a racist backlash

  • Australia & NZ: The Land Down Under
    Australia & NZ: The Land Down Under

    With tougher laws and controls and linkages between jobs and allowed immigration, the prospects are not as...

  • The Blueprint For Civility
    The Blueprint For Civility

    Having divided the Opposition, Musharraf can now beef up his own politicians, says Hameed Haroon, publisher...

  • The Bitter Better Half
    The Bitter Better Half

    Wives of serving diplomats cry out to amend rules for a career

  • Muma's The Word
    Muma's The Word

    An exchange of maps might finally settle Sino-Indian boundaries

  • A History Of Yielding
    A History Of Yielding

    Lax, emotional, fluffy, bully, correct but not ruthless... Definitions of India span the spectrum

  • Symptoms Of Softness
    Symptoms Of Softness

  • 'Mossad Is Doing Its Homework On India'
    'Mossad Is Doing Its Homework On India'

    The outgoing Israeli ambassador on mutual relations, international terrorism and other matters

  • Thirty Peaces Of Silver
    Thirty Peaces Of Silver

    War may be hell, but it's also a chance for poorer countries to make some money on the side

  • Pacific Reactions
    Pacific Reactions

    India and Australia search for a solution to the Fijian crisis, but stop short of slapping sanctions on the...

  • A Spate Of Spite
    A Spate Of Spite

    Indians in the Pacific isle despair as its indigenous people assert themselves

  • The Diplomat’s Pendulum
    The Diplomat’s Pendulum

    As India ponders its security implications, the time to act decisively might be slipping away fast

  • Top Billing Once Again
    Top Billing Once Again

    The US presidential visit and sustained efforts by South Block ensure India’s back in flavour

  • Irish Cream, Anyone?
    Irish Cream, Anyone?

    India and Ireland explore possibilities of cooperation

  • And The Word Was With Peace
    And The Word Was With Peace

    A Pakistani delegation in India puts talks above the bomb

  • Bill, Buntings, Beginnings
    Bill, Buntings, Beginnings

    Now for the real test: will all the euphoria prove a mere bubble, or will it yield something substantive in...

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