June 20, 2021
Jakob De Roover

Jakob De Roover

  • Blinded By Ideology
    Blinded By Ideology

    Instead of seeking to understand why Indians voted for the BJP in such great numbers, they are being...

  • A Disturbing Story
    A Disturbing Story

    Zealots shout ‘offence’ at every sentence they dislike while self-declared progressive intellectuals...

  • Untangling The Knot
    Untangling The Knot

    The many strands entangled in l' affaire Doniger involve issues that are too important to be left to the...

  • How Free Are We?
    How Free Are We?

    Yes, the rise of Hindu nationalism is indeed a major threat to intellectual freedom in the study of India,...

  • The Indian Jews
    The Indian Jews

    To be against "Brahminism" is part and parcel of the political correctness of progressive scholars in...

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