July 11, 2020

Ira Pande

  • I, The Fierce Poseidon
    I, The Fierce Poseidon

    An editor’s breakneck rise and fall inspires a good thriller, but a dig for moral treasures unearths...

  • In God’s Name
    In God’s Name

    So how would I describe this one? Like an old Ambassador car retro-fitted with a Suzuki engine perhaps

  • Translations

    As a jury member of an award for the best translation, I plodded through a huge list of entries. My list of...

  • Hot Bhainscafe
    Hot Bhainscafe

    Manages to legitimise a new vocabulary emerging from the violent collision between Bharat and India that has...

  • No Brakes
    No Brakes

    This remains an engaging account largely because the author does not load it with philosophical asides into...

  • Epic On Pillion
    Epic On Pillion

    Go and immediately buy the book. It is a little gem.

  • The Masala Before The Tikka
    The Masala Before The Tikka

    A confident, cleverly constructed novel treads on no new ground, but promises much

  • Karachi Adagio
    Karachi Adagio

    A charming tale from Pakistan. It has no sex, no violence, and no cultural or political angst

  • No Slipping Into Commas
    No Slipping Into Commas

    Mohsin is brilliant at malapropisms, and her sense of the absurd is faultless.

  • A Creeping Sickness
    A Creeping Sickness

  • Homo Perfectus
    Homo Perfectus

    For me, the greatest discovery was that water flows down the drain in an anti-clockwise swirl in the Southern...

  • Fancy And Fandangle
    Fancy And Fandangle

    Indian wedding has journeyed from simplicity to Bollywoodised chintz

  • Land Of Gup
    Land Of Gup

    The town's baal mithai has khoya, sugar and childhood memories rolled into it

  • Eden, After The Fall
    Eden, After The Fall

    An innocent betrayal of a childhood friend's trust and the memory of shame when Pak troops surrendered at...

  • Curmudgeonly By Nature
    Curmudgeonly By Nature

    "The truth is," he went on, "ever since the Punjabis came, the city has gone to the dogs." Take the language...

  • Proof Of A Pudding
    Proof Of A Pudding

    Gives translations a complete go-by. All poetry is passé. So is drama. Political reportage is hot in...

  • Meet The Mathurs
    Meet The Mathurs

  • Rani Of Reams
    Rani Of Reams

    To the makers of crossover films, such writing offers a readymade formula. Who cares about shelf life? To the...

  • Mmm, Smells Good
    Mmm, Smells Good

    Shoba Narayan's refreshing honesty gives this aromatic bouquet garni an aroma that is mouth-watering.

  • Real Croc Tears
    Real Croc Tears

    In terms of sheer audacity and the liberties he takes with his tale, few can match Murari's arrangements of...

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