April 11, 2021

Hasan Suroor

  • Nice Diary
    Nice Diary

    The city is heaving with tourists soaking up the Mediterranean sun, and gorging on ice cream and kababs.

  • Reform Sans Islamophobia
    Reform Sans Islamophobia

    The challenge before the nat­ion is to reach out to disaffected young Muslims by addressing their concerns

  • A Trap Unsprung
    A Trap Unsprung

    How I was stung, how the sting fell apart in court

  • Spring On My Walls
    Spring On My Walls

    Green shoots of Ghalib: the irony would have pleased the poet

  • In Need Of A Renaissance
    In Need Of A Renaissance

    Jehad is both holy war and inner spiritual struggle in the Quran. Its followers have to learn to read it...

  • The Blight Of Unthinking
    The Blight Of Unthinking

    Under Modi, serious debate has drowned in saffron diatribe

  • Beware, I’ll Turn Hindu
    Beware, I’ll Turn Hindu

    An open letter to the RSS chief, Muslim bashing ain’t working

  • Chaining 1,200 Years
    Chaining 1,200 Years

    Our PM’s recalculation of how long Indians have been ‘slaves’

  • Baby And Bathwater
    Baby And Bathwater

    Bye, bye secular democracy, hello ‘ethnic democracy’?

  • Rome Diary
    Rome Diary

    Rome looks like a vast clapped-out post-party set redeemed only by the sweeping majesty of its historic ruins.

  • Don’t Cry For The Wolf
    Don’t Cry For The Wolf

    The paranoia is misplaced, there’s no ‘cultural Emergency’ in India

  • Let's Frame This Debate, Nail It And Hang It
    Let's Frame This Debate, Nail It And Hang It

    In the Tarun Tejpal rape case, the Indian media, particularly television news, has more or less censored...

  • Goodbye Africa
    Goodbye Africa

    The story of exiled Ugandan Indians in the UK

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    There is a joke that while the rest of the world has four seasons, Britain has five...

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