May 14, 2021
Harsh V. Pant

Harsh V. Pant

  • Modi Reaches Out To Saudi Arabia
    Modi Reaches Out To Saudi Arabia

    With visits to Saudi Arabia and UAE, Modi aims to position India globally so as to isolate Pakistan

  • India's Soft-Power Strategy
    India's Soft-Power Strategy

    The Modi government is striving to not only revive national pride in the country's ancient values, but also...

  • Modi's China Games
    Modi's China Games

    For years, Delhi was labeled as the obstacle to normalizing Sino-Indian ties. Modi has deftly turned the...

  • How India Is Bidding Adieu To Non-Alignment
    How India Is Bidding Adieu To Non-Alignment

    Modi in a short eight months has given a new direction to Indian foreign policy.

  • New Dynamics
    New Dynamics

    India-Japan ties are expected to get a boost from the personal camaraderie of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo...

  • A New Asian Alliance
    A New Asian Alliance

    China’s rise leads India to seek new partners like Japan and South Korea

  • Lost In A Multipolar World
    Lost In A Multipolar World

    India has decimated its economic potential, and strategic autonomy is not an option

  • Asia’s New Triangle
    Asia’s New Triangle

    China’s aggressive behaviour is bringing India and Japan much closer that could have been envisioned just a...

  • Economy Trumps Democracy
    Economy Trumps Democracy

    China dominates BRICS with an economy larger than that of four other members combined

  • The New Reality
    The New Reality

    What’s significant is the diminishing role of India and the rapidity with which New Delhi has ceded...

  • The Chinese Gauntlet
    The Chinese Gauntlet

    By putting up for international bidding the same oil block that India had obtained from Vietnam for...

  • The Great End Game
    The Great End Game

    As Washington and Kabul turn a new page in the Afghanistan saga, New Delhi should be keen to take this...

  • India’s Iran Challenge
    India’s Iran Challenge

    India walks delicate tightrope on Iran, given the domestic political situation, Sunni-Shia relations, growing...

  • The Balancing Force
    The Balancing Force

    Wary of China, its southern neighbours court India. Vietnam and Burma’s opening towards India dovetails...

  • The More Things Change...
    The More Things Change...

    The rise of BRICS is as exaggerated as the decline of the US. Tectonic plates of global politics are...

  • A Tale of Two Defence Policies
    A Tale of Two Defence Policies

    The defence capability differential between China and India is rising at an alarming rate. If this is not...

  • The Changing Nuclear Matrix
    The Changing Nuclear Matrix

    While India has little to worry about Pakistan’s desire to have more than 100 nuclear warheads, the...

  • Balancing Embrace
    Balancing Embrace

    Given the lack of political leadership in New Delhi and an absence of strategic vision, can India capitalize...

  • Looking Eastward
    Looking Eastward

    With the wooing of Indonesia, India is signalling that it is indeed serious about its presence in Southeast...

  • Foreign Policy In the Era Of WikiLeaks
    Foreign Policy In the Era Of WikiLeaks

    WikiLeaks is clearly the biggest story of the year gone by in terms of the policy impact it will have on the...

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