June 19, 2021
Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter

  • Art, Truth & Politics
    Art, Truth & Politics

    The 75-year-old ailing playwright launched a fierce, scathing attack on the "systematic, constant, vicious,...

  • 'We Have Learnt Nothing'
    'We Have Learnt Nothing'

    The acceptance speech by the winner of the Wilfred Owen prize for poetry opposing the Iraq Conflicton 18th...

  • The Terrorists
    The Terrorists

    Speaking at the Imperial War Museum on 23rd September 2004, the famous playwright, director, actor, poet and...

  • Three Poems
    Three Poems

    He is a playwright, director, actor, poet and a political activist, and he has spoken out against the 'war'...

  • The Stink Of Hypocrisy
    The Stink Of Hypocrisy

    I believe that not only is this contemplated act - of declaring war on Iraq - criminal, malevolent and...

  • "Mr. Cromwell Knows What He's Doing!"

    There's an old story about Oliver Cromwell. After he had taken the town of Drogheda, the citizens were...

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