April 11, 2021

Gillian Wright

  • The Imam’s Horse Flies
    The Imam’s Horse Flies

    Rooted in a capacious subcontinental society of 80 years back, these novellas also levitate in their gleeful...

  • 'A Wealth Of Experiences'
    'A Wealth Of Experiences'

    'Raag Darbari is not widely read in Delhi society and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who had heard of...

  • Through A Mist
    Through A Mist

    There is humour in this collection, and humaneness. And there is hope.

  • Urdu And The City
    Urdu And The City

    When spoken, a language is mainly practical. To transcend into art, it must be written, its words shaped into...

  • What Lies Beneath
    What Lies Beneath

    The archaeologists have dug up the past—they could bury it too...

  • Cuddy's Turf
    Cuddy's Turf

  • Rusk And Warm Chai
    Rusk And Warm Chai

    A tender portrait, beautifully illustrated and only slightly marred by a little loose editing...

  • The Mind's Kala Pani
    The Mind's Kala Pani

  • The Gentle Wild Bunch
    The Gentle Wild Bunch

    A passionate guide to wildlife preservation in India, charting its history and historymakers

  • Nature's Bids
    Nature's Bids

  • Burning Trains
    Burning Trains

  • A Slice Of Nirvana
    A Slice Of Nirvana

    Breezy, but with insights that make this travelogue a treasure

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