September 27, 2020

Gauri Gill

  • 1984

    ‘Jis tann lãgé soee jãné’, a Punjabi saying goes. Only she whose body is hurt, knows.

  • 1984

    As l'affaire Sajjan Kumar hits the headlines, we revisit the photographs that document the ongoing impact of...

  • The Raven Hovers
    The Raven Hovers

    For the survivors of the '84 carnage, the past is something permanent. Life carries on, but the shadow behind...

  • Kabul Expressed
    Kabul Expressed

    We wished to avoid the more obvious images of war, of the destruction of a city that looks like such a...

  • Life After Holocaust
    Life After Holocaust

    The Afghan capital presents layers of history—some recent. But we chose to dodge war-ravaged images.

  • Ten Years After
    Ten Years After

    All the people we have profiled once, and now go back to—know something of the tenacious desire to speak,...

  • The Siachen Factor
    The Siachen Factor

    This is the first spot report from the sensitive Turtuk Sector where there has been a blanket ban on the...

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