June 20, 2021

G. Sujatha

  • Bridging The World
    Bridging The World

    "What if continental drift sequence hadn't happened? Would India be part of Australia?" (Outlook, August 23,...

  • Equity Per Se
    Equity Per Se

    "Well, I got really angry and just gave her a slap. But she knows, I mean, she deserved it." "NO, it's a...

  • Garden Ganesha
    Garden Ganesha

    Weeping Australians went to Bali where the locals mourned their tragedy by conducting religious ceremonies...

  • Yengyo, Desi Inquilab?
    Yengyo, Desi Inquilab?

    We can pardon generously when a Bengali says he loves to have, "Balls Ice cream" or when our Northeastern...

  • Another Day, Another Ayodhya
    Another Day, Another Ayodhya

    And with a final war whoop, they set fire to the city of Ayodhya and went back gloating in their victory upon...

  • Death By Divorce
    Death By Divorce

    Many a man firmly feels that the former wife can be used for the gratification of his primal urges, can be...

  • Down Under Goes Down
    Down Under Goes Down

    Gone are the days when one could proudly introduce oneself as an IT professional in Australia. Now it is...

  • Minority Complex
    Minority Complex

    We have just achieved what was all along thought a social impossibility - both Dalits and Brahmins belong to...

  • Civilising The Savage
    Civilising The Savage

    Welcome to the land of the civilised. The 'savage' here is taught how to contain and consume, how to conspire...

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