June 15, 2021
G. Rajaraman

G. Rajaraman

  • Against All Odds
    Against All Odds

    Delhi's Olympian has come back to a resounding reception, and yet he does not hesitate to return to the...

  • Only The Fish's Eye
    Only The Fish's Eye

    Shooters, archers, boxers could help India get home more precious metal than before

  • Perth Pangs And After
    Perth Pangs And After

    The ODI team's announcement was thoughtlessly timed

  • Gentleman Assassin
    Gentleman Assassin

    Anil Kumble's captaincy combines the steadiness of maturity and the brio of personal excellence

  • Straight & The Narrow
    Straight & The Narrow

    The 'Ugly Australian' reared his head again— at the SCG. To India and the world, it just wasn't cricket.

  • Plain Bhajji On The Pitch
    Plain Bhajji On The Pitch

    A Harbhajan-Symonds brush-off turning catastrophic, who knew? And then, it never stopped...

  • Method Act
    Method Act

    He's the hunter: all precision and sang froid. Too bad he came so late.

  • 'Take Pitch, Toss Out Of The Equation'
    'Take Pitch, Toss Out Of The Equation'

    Anil Kumble speaks on his approach to captaincy

  • Know Your Offstump
    Know Your Offstump

    The chairman of selectors is spoiling for a fight. The BCCI might just give him one.

  • The Fourth Umpire's Call
    The Fourth Umpire's Call

    Why did chief selector Dilip Vengsarkar go all out to axe Dravid?

  • 'It's A Heat-Of-The-Moment Effect'
    'It's A Heat-Of-The-Moment Effect'

    The mood of the people around could be a factor, says the Sports Authority of India's psychologist.

  • Simian Menace
    Simian Menace

    When did the Indian fan go racist? Or was it driven out of proportion by media hype?

  • Grace Endures
    Grace Endures

    No one-off this. For, T20 is a mini essay on basics—with a flourish.

  • Can Can Cricket
    Can Can Cricket

    The newest cup in world cricket is ours. How does this change the game?

  • Our Band Of Merry Men
    Our Band Of Merry Men

    When victorious, individual exploits coalesce into one solid achievement. We take a player-by-player look.

  • 'It's Not Totally A Batsman's Game'
    'It's Not Totally A Batsman's Game'

    If young guys have the talent and can perform, they should be able to make their way into the international...

  • Keeper Of Hits
    Keeper Of Hits

    Dhoni's candour masks a rush of kinetics. The new ODI skipper must retain his gusto. Updates

  • Cross Bat Capers
    Cross Bat Capers

    Cricket on nandrolone. Even BCCI gets the rush.

  • Natural Guts, Raw And Taut
    Natural Guts, Raw And Taut

    A fitter, tougher Sania is game for a match. Russian obstacles may be a passing phase.

  • Nothing Official About It
    Nothing Official About It

    Indian cricket's big daddy, BCCI, has a challenger. Can ICL change the rules? Updates

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