June 24, 2021
Francois Gautier

Francois Gautier

  • Greenest Of Ironies
    Greenest Of Ironies

    I was extremely surprised when I heard that the green tribunal panel has indicted Art of Living Foundation...

  • Meat It Halfway
    Meat It Halfway

    Ideas from a bloody-beef-eater-turned-vegetarian

  • Rescue Mission Needed
    Rescue Mission Needed

    After Paris, the Muslim majority cannot stay silent any longer

  • Why I Love To Hate Outlook
    Why I Love To Hate Outlook

    Outlook magazine and I stand poles apart. I disagree profoundly with many of its opinions

  • Manufacturing Piety
    Manufacturing Piety

    Satyarthi’s Nobel only reinforces the West’s warped superiority

  • The Tyrant Diaries
    The Tyrant Diaries

    From the memoirs of a French adventurer who served at Tipu’s court

  • Wisdom, And Facial Hair
    Wisdom, And Facial Hair

  • A Fatherhood More Equal?
    A Fatherhood More Equal?

    In exalting Gandhi, we've elbowed Sri Aurobindo into the shadows

  • Pale Fires Don't Scorch
    Pale Fires Don't Scorch

    Deviants of Mangalore and Malegaon are demonised fallaciously

  • The Hindu Rate Of Wrath
    The Hindu Rate Of Wrath

    When the Mahatma's cowards erupt in fury, it hurts. It isn't terror.

  • Dollars Or Soul?
    Dollars Or Soul?

    India can keep one of these, all hinges on how it treats tourists

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