October 24, 2020

Forum for Judicial Accountability

  • Impeachment Motion
    Impeachment Motion

    Over 50 members of the Rajya Sabha sign a letter to be handed over to the Vice President seeking to initiate...

  • 'Guilty...'

    The fourth memorandum of charges demands a CBI probe against Justice P.D. Dinakaran, that he be removed as...

  • 'Intervene Urgently'
    'Intervene Urgently'

    The third representation to the Supreme Court Collegium asking it to "advise Justice P.D.Dinakaran, Chief...

  • 'Initiate An Enquiry'
    'Initiate An Enquiry'

    Forum for Judicial Accountability writes again to the CJI and the SC colleguium, providing additional details...

  • 'Issues Of Deep Concern'
    'Issues Of Deep Concern'

    Full text of the controversial representation against Mr. Justice P.D.Dinakaran, Chief Justice, Karnataka...

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