June 15, 2021

Faizan Ahmad

  • Untouchability

    Phulwari, Bihar

  • Jungle Laws
    Jungle Laws

    A TV sting, a tribal girl and a police IG, a sordid sexploitation tale unravels

  • The Music Stopped...In The Lurch
    The Music Stopped...In The Lurch

  • M. Saidullah
    M. Saidullah

    Mathia Dih, Bihar

  • Too Many Kooks
    Too Many Kooks

    The mid-day meal has churned out a strange recipe: teachers as cooks

  • Should She Go?
    Should She Go?

    Kanchan Devi has been in coma since 1999. Her family is pleading for euthanasia, but the court has said no.

  • After The Party
    After The Party

    Fifteen years is a long time. You almost believe you were born to rule. And then to be out of office...

  • Stoop To Conquer
    Stoop To Conquer

    The party is crying foul in Jharkhand. But take a look at its own dismal record.

  • Lalu's Contract Cancelled
    Lalu's Contract Cancelled

    The lantern in Bihar has gone dim. Has his 15-years long rule came to an end? It would definitely seem so,...

  • Empire Of Zilch
    Empire Of Zilch

    It won't be a cakewalk for Laloo. Self-belief aside, the voter wants a better life, a little law. Updates

  • The Racing Pulse
    The Racing Pulse

    Criminals now dictate the lifestyles of doctors in Bihar. It's the patients who are bearing the brunt.

  • Age No Bar
    Age No Bar

    Faking age certificates is a burgeoning 'sector' in unemployment-hit Bihar

  • Reams Of History Sheets
    Reams Of History Sheets

    Is he Robin Hood or just a plain goon? Whatever, he's a minister now.

  • Cops Will Teach You A Lesson
    Cops Will Teach You A Lesson

    In a small town in Bihar, classrooms in police stations have gone a long way in bridging the community

  • The Pee Tee Master
    The Pee Tee Master

    Rip-roaring Bhojpuri humour accompanies Laloo's EVM course, as his 'communal' rivals break into a cold sweat

  • "This Election Is A War Between Secularism And Communalism"

    In his inimitable style he attacks Advani, Sharad Yadav and NDA plans to topple his government after the...

  • They Mine Their Quarry
    They Mine Their Quarry

    Democratic right for the Naxals is to stymie the polls

  • Chariot Race Before The Interval
    Chariot Race Before The Interval

  • Mound Of The Dead
    Mound Of The Dead

    The mysterious death of a woman on the funeral pyre of her husband raises the spectre of sati in Bihar

  • Yama's Not Here
    Yama's Not Here

    Bhagalpur jail has no hangman to 'liberate' its condemned

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