June 23, 2021

Edward Said

  • Preface To Orientalism
    Preface To Orientalism

    The terrible conflicts that herd people under falsely unifying rubrics like 'America', 'The West' or 'Islam'...

  • Imperial Perspectives
    Imperial Perspectives

    The Arabs are thought of as different, incapable of logic, unable to tell the truth, fundamentally disruptive...

  • Dignity And Solidarity
    Dignity And Solidarity

    The struggle of the Palestinian people is now a byword for emancipation and enlightenment, except, perhaps,...

  • Archaeology Of The Roadmap
    Archaeology Of The Roadmap

    To read through the roadmap is to confront an unsituated document, oblivious of its time and place.

  • The Arab Condition
    The Arab Condition

    Why do the Arabs never pool their resources to fight for the causes which officially, at least, they support....

  • What Is Happening To The United States?
    What Is Happening To The United States?

    What is formidable about Iraq is its rich culture, its complex society, and its long-suffering people, ....

  • Give Us Back Our Democracy
    Give Us Back Our Democracy

    Americans have been cheated and lied to on matters of the gravest constitutional importance.

  • The Other America
    The Other America

    The United States is not the monolith many presume it to be. It is more accurate to apprehend America as...

  • Who Is In Charge?
    Who Is In Charge?

    An immensely wealthy and powerful republic has been hijacked by a small cabal of individuals, all of them...

  • A Monument To Hypocrisy
    A Monument To Hypocrisy

    That Bush and Sharon have contempt for the non-white people of this world is clear. The question is, how long...

  • An Unacceptable Helplessness
    An Unacceptable Helplessness

    Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights? Hasn't the time come for us collectively to demand...

  • Immediate Imperatives
    Immediate Imperatives

    Real change can come, in Palestine as elsewhere, only when people actively will that change.

  • Misinformation About Iraq
    Misinformation About Iraq

    On the Iraqi expatriate, Kanan Makiya, to promote himself as the father of what he calls a "non-Arab" and...

  • Europe Versus America
    Europe Versus America

    In comparison with US war fever, Europe has struck a more moderate, thoughtful tone. But when will it assume...

  • Israel, Iraq, And The United States
    Israel, Iraq, And The United States

    America marches to war as if in a trance. We must do everything in our power to slow down and finally stop...

  • Low Point Of Powerlessness
    Low Point Of Powerlessness

    As Sharon escalates his criminal war against defenceless Palestinians, Arafat has the courage and defiance to...

  • Disunity And Factionalism
    Disunity And Factionalism

    What lies behind the Pavlovian regularity with which Arabs try to hurt and impede each other rather than...

  • Punishment By Detail
    Punishment By Detail

    Terrorism, and its obsessive pursuit, have become an entirely circular, self-fulfilling murder and slow death...

  • One-Way Street
    One-Way Street

    The new Arab order that emerged after the Gulf War institutionalised the traffic between the US and the...

  • Palestinian Elections Now
    Palestinian Elections Now

    Palestinians have seldom faced a worse, or a more seminal, moment. How, then, might it be grasped?

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