October 18, 2020

Dunu Roy

  • Cities In The Red
    Cities In The Red

    Will investors prefer smaller, more profitable cities?

  • A Murky Lense
    A Murky Lense

    Attempts to unravel the mental maps of what constitutes urban renewal in Delhi. But remains unclear on three...

  • Knowledge As Weapon
    Knowledge As Weapon

    Ordinary working people have the capacity to learn, to collect information, to look at it analytically, and...

  • When The Water Touches The Nose
    When The Water Touches The Nose

    Environmentalism isn't a luxury of the rich, sure. But when he really had to say why, he loses nerve.

  • Life Is Cheap
    Life Is Cheap

    Kargil and the cyclone stand out in recent memory. We celebrated one, dared the other. A few profited from...

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