June 19, 2021

Dilip Simeon

  • The Idea ­And Its Mutant
    The Idea ­And Its Mutant

    Not tainted ‘opportunism’ but conscience subjugated by ideology is what stands between idealism and the...

  • Remember Your Humanity, Rebel
    Remember Your Humanity, Rebel

    A teenager’s journey from Delhi’s St Stephen’s to the starving hamlets of Bihar and the killing fields...

  • The Religion Of Force
    The Religion Of Force

    The major left currents have never rejected the practice of political assassination.

  • The Religion Of Capitalism
    The Religion Of Capitalism

    A book that exhorts India’s planners to see its poor as human beings, not as ‘factors of production’

  • Crimson Concentrate
    Crimson Concentrate

    Naxalism recruits victims of progress. This is a warning.

  • 'The Revolutionary Potential Of Non-Violence'
    'The Revolutionary Potential Of Non-Violence'

    'A public declaration by the Maobaadis that they will stick to their demands but will give up violence can...

  • A Mild Engagement
    A Mild Engagement

    A half-baked reader that ignores Gujarat and concentrates only on internal organisation

  • The Bounds Of Citizenship
    The Bounds Of Citizenship

    A hint at the need for a different paradigm to the debate, but no exit routes yet

  • Fareedian Slips
    Fareedian Slips

    A historian should incorporate uncomfortable facts in his argument. Zakaria avoids them.

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