June 16, 2021
Dilip Hiro

Dilip Hiro

  • The Other Side Of India's Reforms
    The Other Side Of India's Reforms

    A Quarter Century of Market Reform Leaves India Richer With Wider Inequality

  • The Most Dangerous Place On Earth
    The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

    A nuclear armageddon in the making at the India-Pakistan border

  • When Globalisation Met Traditional Politics
    When Globalisation Met Traditional Politics

    A study of Modi's reception at London’s Wembley Stadium shows how shrewdly the BJP hides its political...

  • In League With The Cops
    In League With The Cops

    Two-thirds of the alcohol consumed in India originates in the illegally brewed hooch, the English term for...

  • A Deep Seated Division
    A Deep Seated Division

    In Syria and Iraq, ISIS exploits power voids, frustrations over minority rights, and Sunni-Shia divide....

  • Clueless In Cairo
    Clueless In Cairo

    Washington’s policies in the Middle East have proven a grim imperial comedy of errors and increasingly a...

  • The Persian Puzzle
    The Persian Puzzle

    Will the Iran Nuclear Deal thrive or wither? The world has a narrow window of opportunity for a deal on...

  • An Incompatible Couple
    An Incompatible Couple

    The US and Pakistan can’t help bickering when together while well aware that divorce is not an option

  • No One Listens To The Sole Superpower
    No One Listens To The Sole Superpower

    Ever fewer countries, allies, or enemies, are paying attention, much less kowtowing, to the once-formidable...

  • Fight For Democracy?
    Fight For Democracy?

    The military coup in Egypt has divided the Middle East and North Africa while creating bizarre new bedfellows.

  • Power And Resistance
    Power And Resistance

    Turkey’s prime minister failed to grasp the essence of democratic behaviour and the potency of social media...

  • The Great Afghan Corruption Scam
    The Great Afghan Corruption Scam

    How Operation Enduring Freedom mutated into Operation Enduring Corruption

  • The Alliance From Hell
    The Alliance From Hell

    How the U.S. and Pakistan became a classic example of a dysfunctional nuclear family of international...

  • Isolating Iran?
    Isolating Iran?

    The mere fact of Iran hosting the NAM summit – attended by all 120 members, a quarter represented by their...

  • Is Partition A Solution?
    Is Partition A Solution?

    There are overarching parallels between the British Raj in India and the French Mandate in Syria. Following...

  • Toxic Battle
    Toxic Battle

    There’s no satisfying solution to the 16-month old Syrian bloodshed. Worse, the sectarian Shia-Sunni fault...

  • Street Power
    Street Power

    The defiance with which Saeed has treated the US threat has highlighted the power of the Pakistani street, an...

  • A Strategy For Disaster
    A Strategy For Disaster

    The widely expected release of the latest round of funds from the Pentagon’s CSF will raise total U.S....

  • Balancing Growth
    Balancing Growth

    With the recent visit of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to three oil-rich Gulf monarchies, Beijing’s...

  • Turkish Delight
    Turkish Delight

    In the changing contours of the Middle East, swept along by the Arab Spring, nothing is perhaps as dramatic...

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