June 22, 2021
Dilip Chitre

Dilip Chitre

  • Poet Of The Underworld
    Poet Of The Underworld

    Namdeo Dhasal (1949-2014) was not important just because he happened to be Dalit, or because he was a Marathi...

  • Poet Of The Underworld
    Poet Of The Underworld

    What is it that makes Namdeo a wonderful human being and an outstanding poet by any standards?

  • The Community Of Imagination
    The Community Of Imagination

    Bereaved --and bereft of Nirmal, I am bewildered, almost like a philosopher facing the obvious ... Thank you,...

  • A Farewell To Cops
    A Farewell To Cops

    The armed bodyguard posted at my door since January 7, 2004 was finally taken off by the government of...

  • The Republic Of Cricket
    The Republic Of Cricket

    Cricket sublimates, despite being a very mean game most of the time; and the same applies to democracy. Will...

  • The Republic Of Hurt Sentiments
    The Republic Of Hurt Sentiments

    Don't we owe a tribute--before we cast our votes--to 'parivar's and 'samghatana's, 'sena's and 'brigades'...

  • Drowning Dissent
    Drowning Dissent

    What we have at stake in the floundering career of our Republic is the plural character of our polity pitted...

  • Lord Vishnu As Shivaji Maharaj
    Lord Vishnu As Shivaji Maharaj

    ... and how he landed miniature painter Shrikant Pradhan in trouble with the Maratha Seva Sangh and the Pune...

  • Terror By Law
    Terror By Law

    Is Maharashtra's Home Minister declaring another Emergency of his own during this pre-election period? Will...

  • Intolerance Tolerated
    Intolerance Tolerated

    This is the first time in my life that I am sitting down to write an article while a commando sits in my...

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