September 23, 2020

Devangshu Datta

  • Fractal Logic
    Fractal Logic

    What is the minimum number of bounces that must be taken to figure out the height from which eggs must be...

  • Heads Or Tails?
    Heads Or Tails?

    Try your hand at an elegant, old puzzle. It’s not too hard.

  • Choices Driverless Cars Will Have To Make?
    Choices Driverless Cars Will Have To Make?

    ?Some intriguing ethical problem must be solved before driverless vehicles can be adopted in really large...

  • Sublime Sensex Scam
    Sublime Sensex Scam

    One of the most enduring "420s" is the newsletter scam. It goes like this.?..

  • The Startup Quiz
    The Startup Quiz

    Check if you know some unusual facts about some well-known entrepreneurs

  • The Spotlight Fallacy
    The Spotlight Fallacy

    And why India must learn to forgive start-up failures

  • A Puzzle For Male Cyclists
    A Puzzle For Male Cyclists

    The association between cycling and prostrate cancer is frightening news for a middle aged man who likes...

  • The Omar Sharif Bridge Circus
    The Omar Sharif Bridge Circus

    An appraisal of one of the world's best bridge players, and a tough problem...

  • Eclectica

    A quiz on each of the nine streams

  • Correlation Conundrum
    Correlation Conundrum

    Some of the finest epidemiological work has involved sorting through data and working out correlations.

  • A World War - II Puzzle
    A World War - II Puzzle

    One of the more vital contributions to Allied victory in World War II was made by the mathematician, Abraham...

  • Risk & Reward
    Risk & Reward

    As the song goes, "Know when to hold and know when to fold".

  • Smart Stuff
    Smart Stuff

    Should rummy be called a game of chance? Or is it a game of skill?

  • Fractal Logic
    Fractal Logic

    Fancy a shot at an entertaining logical problem?

  • A Neo-Classical Gymnasium
    A Neo-Classical Gymnasium

    Anybody who wants to get smarter has to sweat for it.

  • That Tuft Of Hair
    That Tuft Of Hair

    Was that a Belgian boy? Thundering typhoons!

  • Answers

    Check out how well you know your 1991

  • 1991 Quiz
    1991 Quiz

    On May 31 1991, an independent, quasi-judicial body took charge at India Inc. Which body?

  • Voiced Over
    Voiced Over

    If the reader isn’t looking for great insights, it’s a good way to spend a couple of hours

  • An Advanced Pawn
    An Advanced Pawn

    Anand's win over Kramnik combines strategic finesse with versatility

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