June 12, 2021

Davinder Kumar

  • Fireballs In The Sky
    Fireballs In The Sky

    Initial investigations suggest the insulation that came off during lift-off may be responsible More Coverage

  • ...And the Hippocratic Oath in Action
    ...And the Hippocratic Oath in Action

    It is the dedicated medical corps at AIIMS that offers a counterpoint to the "health is wealth" lobby

  • Chilblains On The Soul
    Chilblains On The Soul

    With no contingency plans and few resources, the northern belt reels under a cold wave. Hundreds of the...

  • Irrigation By Blood
    Irrigation By Blood

    The simmering cauldron of farmers' discontent is put to boil in west UP

  • The Metropolish
    The Metropolish

    This Christmas eve, Santa brings a metro rail more advanced than Tokyo's or New York's

  • Satchels, Half-Empty
    Satchels, Half-Empty

    The curricula's another story. Rote learning that kills the ability to question fosters an elitist model...

  • A Town Divided
    A Town Divided

    Eye of the storm: a pilgrim centre that has ruefully seen its leanest decade go by

  • AIDS A Virus In the Programme
    AIDS A Virus In the Programme

    A $100 mn grant goes a long way, but the Microsoft boss' big stakes in Big Pharma also raise a few uneasy...

  • "Dalits Are Treated Worse Than Animals, Dogs, Snakes"

  • Majority Opinion
    Majority Opinion

    The SC orders more state control over aided minority institutions. More Coverage

  • AIDS Trial: A Syringe Vacillates
    AIDS Trial: A Syringe Vacillates

    The euphoria over a definitive vaccine for immunity against AIDS is spoiled by rising concern over its...

  • In A Real Water Tight Spot
    In A Real Water Tight Spot

    Krishna's populist politics runs into rough weather as a displeased Supreme Court blows hot More Coverage

  • Interrogation Marks
    Interrogation Marks

    Delhi Police says Sharma's confession seals the case. But there're still many loose ends. More Coverage

  • Parlez Vous?
    Parlez Vous?

    R.K. Sharma is in custody. But the tough top cop is not one to succumb to Delhi police's psychological...

  • The Unweds Of This Monsoon
    The Unweds Of This Monsoon

  • State Gazette
    State Gazette

    Delhi's netherworld starts throbbing, Mayawati proves a 'true' friend; Tarun Gogoi battles on two fronts;...

  • Enabled By Law
    Enabled By Law

  • The Ol' Blame Game
    The Ol' Blame Game

    The Rafiganj accident once again shows up the Indian Railways' inefficiencies and apathy. Meanwhile, the...

  • Red-Taped To Death?
    Red-Taped To Death?

    The government wants to take away what made the IITs, IIMs special.

  • Kargil's Undead Rise Again
    Kargil's Undead Rise Again

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