June 20, 2021
Chitvan Gill

Chitvan Gill

  • What The ‘Eye’ Sees 
    What The ‘Eye’ Sees 

    In order to enhance our ‘viewing pleasure’, the Agra Development Authority proposes to erect a giant...

  • The Architect's New Clothes
    The Architect's New Clothes

    Between the architecture of two empires, Independent India has been unable to create anything that would...

  • Where The Mind Is Without Fear
    Where The Mind Is Without Fear

    The news of dozens of people gunned down or blown up in a remote village does not strike terror in an urban...

  • Escaping Coketown
    Escaping Coketown

    The west reeled for centuries from the aftermath of indiscriminate industrialisation following the dictates...

  • The Hungry Tide
    The Hungry Tide

    It is only when the plight of rural India is addressed and resolved, and a semblance of dignity is available...

  • Poor Rich Cities
    Poor Rich Cities

    Why do the great cities of India manage to generate vast quantities of wealth but have an air of decay and...

  • The Sclerotic City
    The Sclerotic City

    Is it a mere coincidence, or can the rapid decline of cities - that were once the bastions of thriving,...

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