June 24, 2021
Carla Miriam Levy

Carla Miriam Levy

  • When Marriages Turn Sour
    When Marriages Turn Sour

    Marriage and home are one and the same, and both require an investment of effort to flourish against the...

  • Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered
    Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered

    Remembering the tragedy queen Meena Kumari on her death anniversary this week.

  • From Aurat To Mother India
    From Aurat To Mother India

    The message: once Mother India has made the difficult decisions and painful sacrifices, those of her children...

  • Enviably Evil
    Enviably Evil

    Most of Nadira's characters are not at all likable and yet they are deliciously captivating

  • Quirky Parsis And Drunk Christians
    Quirky Parsis And Drunk Christians

    There are many delightful (and some shallow) stories and stereotypes about Parsis and Christians in Indian...

  • My First Love
    My First Love

    In some fifty Shabana Azmi movies I've watched, I haven't come across anything else as? demanding as Ishk...

  • Revenge, Served Cold
    Revenge, Served Cold

    These films show revenge not as a personal triumph, but as a dark and dysfunctional desperation, the terrible...

  • Real Stars Of Sholay
    Real Stars Of Sholay

    The women in Salim­-Javed's movies are people you feel you want to know.

  • Romancing Rajesh Khanna
    Romancing Rajesh Khanna

    How I learned to stop worrying and love the superstar.

  • Killer Kangana
    Killer Kangana

    Kangana's mad and memorable rendering of Alka helps make Revolver Rani a rich and layered film.

  • Beyond Belief
    Beyond Belief

    Suspension of disbelief isn't just a necessary part of the movies — it's part of why we love the movies.

  • Rani's Got A Gun
    Rani's Got A Gun

    The theme of women driven to answer male violence in kind has shown up in quite a few movies of late.

  • Picture Abhi Baaki Hai
    Picture Abhi Baaki Hai

    Have they achieved it all? Hollywood could provide some cues.

  • Two Films, One Maker
    Two Films, One Maker

    Jewel Thief and Teesri Manzil, each film is, in its own way, an epitome of 60s style.

  • For The Love Of A Feckless Goofball
    For The Love Of A Feckless Goofball

    Again and again, Kishore's humble, simple-minded, loony characters win over women who are way out of his...

  • Why Govinda Remains Trickster No. 1
    Why Govinda Remains Trickster No. 1

    His movies of the 1990s show the part hero, part benefactor, part avenger, part clown. 

  • A Good Solid Smile
    A Good Solid Smile

    Our columnist spent a day on the sets of PK and found it a much more comfortable mouthful than her first...

  • A Space Of Her Own
    A Space Of Her Own

    On Helen's 76th birthday, revisiting some of the best, most outrageous stages she has ever adorned

  • No Heroism Required
    No Heroism Required

    Why is the Hindi film pantheon filled with heroes behaving badly? Not the intentionally morally grey type,...

  • Films And The City
    Films And The City

    Visiting India for real lets the films breathe with a new vivacity, especially those in which a location has...

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