June 15, 2021
Bruce Riedel

Bruce Riedel

  • Lone Wolf Terrorists
    Lone Wolf Terrorists

    Impulsive terrorism by a few is a counterterrorism challenge

  • The Deadly Endgame
    The Deadly Endgame

    Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world, and the deadly embrace between America and Pakistan...

  • A Small Band Of Fanatics
    A Small Band Of Fanatics

    With 9/11, at an investment of a half million dollars, Al Qarda managed to suck the US into two wars that...

  • The Battle For Pakistan
    The Battle For Pakistan

    Pakistani military's use of extremists to target India has backfired. That both Al Qaeda and America distrust...

  • Whose Finger On The Button?
    Whose Finger On The Button?

    Americans should stay away from idle talk in newspaper op-eds and elsewhere about “securing” Pakistan’s...

  • Terrorism’s New Avatars
    Terrorism’s New Avatars

    Nigerian Omar al Farooq Abdulmutallab’s failed attempt to blow up Northwest flight 253 near Detroit has...

  • Healing The Hindu Kush
    Healing The Hindu Kush

    Manmohan’s warning on Afghanistan is one Obama must heed

  • A Gamble With High Stakes
    A Gamble With High Stakes

    Until Tuesday evening the Afghan war was a Bush legacy. It is now President Barack Obama’s war and history...

  • A Global Concern
    A Global Concern

    Afghanistan’s election matters as much for the country as for the world -- the results may show which...

  • America, The Amicable
    America, The Amicable

    Clinton began the courtship, Bush took it forward. Now, to firm up the ties.

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