May 07, 2021

Biswadeep Ghosh

  • Awesome Threesome
    Awesome Threesome

  • Gal Of The Moment
    Gal Of The Moment

  • Gritty Images
    Gritty Images

  • English Mem
    English Mem

  • The Delhi-Mumbai Gazette
    The Delhi-Mumbai Gazette

    Mom's the good word; Way to go Sid; Wild-eyed; Pulling strings; A bit of vivre.

  • Pulling Strings
    Pulling Strings

  • Pulling Off A Cop
    Pulling Off A Cop

  • Bollywood Falling
    Bollywood Falling

    Why are films flopping regularly? The elusive big idea? Bad scripts? Lousy music? Will the several queued-up...

  • Hazy Line
    Hazy Line

    When the real and virtual blur

  • Seduced By Indian Rhythms
    Seduced By Indian Rhythms

    Beyond the mystique of the land, it's the complex body of art forms that's drawing foreign students to the...

  • Life In The Slow Lane
    Life In The Slow Lane

    A spontaneous, evocative tale about life in a mining town

  • Of Wounds
    Of Wounds

    Another powerful character

  • Hanif Kureishi
    Hanif Kureishi

    An Oscar nominee, the author and filmmaker is all set for a new release

  • Sleaze Operator
    Sleaze Operator

    An upmarket pimp's past finally catches up with him

  • The Counterfeit Threat
    The Counterfeit Threat

    The industry tries to crack down on audio pirates, who have secured 40 per cent of the market

  • Class Of The Nineties
    Class Of The Nineties

    Maintaining continuity and heralding change—the new generation weaves the two strains to preserve the...

  • Mehnaaz

    Channel Vs Best Female Voice award winner, is poised to go international

  • Anaida

    While her rivals have sleepless nights, this pop diva sings in a new language

  • S.K. Fung
    S.K. Fung

    NBC Asias president affirms that the tie-up with Star wont spawn conflict

  • Seeking Perfect Blends
    Seeking Perfect Blends

    Indian musicians, both popular and classical, are composing new sounds for the music-of-ideas era

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