August 01, 2021

Barkha Dutt

  • Naked Among Wolves
    Naked Among Wolves

    Newschannels jump on the SSR tragedy, fangs bared, as all other issues lie by the wayside. And veterans who...

  • The Place Of Women In India
    The Place Of Women In India

    We came to treat such instance of harassment and abuse as the rites of passage of growing up female in...

  • Alien In The Backyard
    Alien In The Backyard

    Has the middle class, shaken at last by 26/11, learnt anything?

  • A Lament Runs Through It
    A Lament Runs Through It

    This socio-historical travel along the Indus's entire length is anchored in grittiness, and marred by...

  • The Shade Of Humanity
    The Shade Of Humanity

    Friends are a now core part of the family's sheltering umbrella

  • India, In A Minute
    India, In A Minute

    Television tells stories in real time. In telling them, it changes their course.

  • 'Controlled Indignation'
    'Controlled Indignation'

    He was anything but controlled as he held forth on how the present government of Iraq has no credibility...

  • Who Really Owns The Lord
    Who Really Owns The Lord

    Maybe we have no 'religion worth talking about'. Time to reclaim our inheritance?

  • The Rape Of Reason
    The Rape Of Reason

    It has become Everywoman's narrative. The sexual abuse of women has been so public, victims will talk to...

  • Covert Riots And Media
    Covert Riots And Media

    What's so spontaneous about an attack that leaves only the seventh shop on a crowded street burnt down?

  • Big Apple, Bitten
    Big Apple, Bitten

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