July 12, 2020

Bakwas Biswas

  • 'It's A Conspiracy!'
    'It's A Conspiracy!'

    Our resident Conspiracy Theorist alleges that the unbeaten partnership of 403 runs between Virendra Sehwag...

  • The Roads Not Taken
    The Roads Not Taken

    Predictably, we have a new, well, poetic offering from the outgoing prime minister. While many would...

  • Sir Vidia, The Poet
    Sir Vidia, The Poet

    Patrick French hunts out Naipaul's 'lost' oeuvre -- four short stories, a radio play and the only poem he has...

  • Mumbaikar 'Tiger' Vs 'Bihari Bhainsa'
    Mumbaikar 'Tiger' Vs 'Bihari Bhainsa'

    It was long overdue. Wonder what took it so long. A war of words between Sri Bal Thackeray and Sri Laloo...

  • Afraid Of The Truth?
    Afraid Of The Truth?

    Our resident pop-psychologist annotates the latest poetic offering from the prime minister and offers some...

  • 'Foolish And Illiterate'
    'Foolish And Illiterate'

    Sirji's spat with the American ambassador's wife and Vikram Seth speaks up on Arundhati contempt case.

  • 'Life Is Too Short'
    'Life Is Too Short'

    Sir Vidia does it again -- after calling the US ambassador's wife "foolish and illiterate", bristles at the...

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